Russian Spam

  • I don’t speak Russian.
  • Nobody I know sends me emails in Russian.
  • For reasons above, I mark every single Russian email I get as spam.
  • Google is one of the smartest companies in the world.

So why do I see a dozen or more Russian spams getting through Gmail’s spam filter every, single, day?

  • Keith T.

    Russian eh? I get Vietnamese.

  • Maybe google doesn’t want to have a 100% spam rule on a language?
    Or maybe not every Cyrillic mail is Russian…

    There are so many maybes in the spam business …

    I get about 50 mails in English a day. 49 are spams one is important. Maybe soon, the Russians can make it to one important mail per day, too.

  • esavage

    Google obviously would not mark all Russian mail as spam, but their system should have learned very quickly that, for me, any word with Russian characters is as much of spam indicator as viagra. I would expect someone who only spoke Russian to see any English emails be marked as spam.

    It should be noted that I get alot of Chinese spam too, which Gmail seems to have a much easier time dealing with.

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  • I speak Russian, and I confirm that is definitely spam. You know when you get spam emails in English but they don’t completely make sense, as if someone who is new to speaking English wrote it? Well, it’s the same for the Russian spam; which is strange, because you’d think the spammers actually were Russian.