52 Word Review: Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Another Rian Johnson movie that falls short of its astronomical opinion of itself, Glass Onion was still somewhat entertaining. The charismatic cast, good scenery and pacing and interesting premise were held back by pedestrian writing, shallow “I’m so quirky!” characters and an ending that ran out of gas long before the credits.

EFS Baseball Hall of Fame, Part 1

Greatness in sports is an evergreen source of fun, research and debate for most fans, and the recent election of (IMO) borderline third baseman Scott Rolen to baseball’s hall of fame has sparked predictably lively discussions. In my previous post I mentioned that I wanted a tiered Hall of Fame, so I’ve decided to start …

Baseball Hall of Fame 2023

I posted a hypothetical hall of fame ballot way back in 2007 and decided to do this year’s version before they announce the result. There are 28 players on the list, half of them for the first time. Scott Rolen – AlmostTodd Helton – NoBilly Wagner – NoAndruw Jones – NoGary Sheffield – NoAlex Rodriguez …

52 Word Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once

A brilliant, crazy, fun, funny, surprising, heartwarming, bonkers movie that is about, and comes closer than possibly anything else could in two hours to answering the question of, the meaning of life. I might be permanently happier for having watched this movie, and grateful for the opportunity. My favorite movie in years.

2020H1 Personal OKRs: Progress

As promised, here is my progress update on my OKRs. Without about 8 weeks to go, I’d say success has been good but less than hoped for. I can’t really pin it all on COVID-19, while that has been very disruptive I don’t think it’s really impacted these goals. What working from home for two …