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Monty Hall Problem

Posted October 10th, 2012

A classic brain teaser is the Monty Hall Problem. It fools people with a basic understanding of probability (i.e. most of us), and even after a good amount of consternation seems unintuitive. If complex mathematical formulas don’t convince you, then you’ll likely have to see it actually happen to believe it, as I did. I […]

Driverless Cars

Posted August 15th, 2012

Driverless cars are going to change the world, and for the better.

Reasonable Design

Posted June 1st, 2012

I’m always trying new productivity/task/project software, in the hope that someone will write the one I need before I do.  The latest one is Action Method, by Behance.  It’s not very useful to people with more than a handful of tasks (i.e. everyone), but that’s not the purpose of this post.  After failing to find […]


Amazon Showrooms

Posted January 6th, 2012

Amazon caught a lot of heat over this past holiday season over some improvements to its shopping app.  It made it easier than ever to find out that you probably don’t need to buy that blender at Sears, when you can get it for 30% less on Amazon and don’t even have to carry it […]


Logging Like it’s 2011

Posted September 22nd, 2011

Earlier this year I revisited how I was logging things in Java, and decided I would try a hybrid approach.  I’m reporting back to say that it’s been successful.


Workstation Setup 2011

Posted August 25th, 2011

A new workstation means it’s time to install lots of stuff! Here’s my log from fresh Windows 7 install in a new VM image to a functional development environment.


The Most Important Performance Metric

Posted August 13th, 2011

Up until about 5-10 years ago, the performance gains in computers were huge from one generation to the next. You felt them and they changed the way you worked. Eventually, hardware upgrades got beyond that point and just became an “oh that’s nice” effect.


Java 7

Posted August 4th, 2011

Java 7 is out! What does this mean, is this a Big Deal like Java 3 or 5 or a snoozer like Java 6 or something in the middle like Java 4? Let’s look at everything new and find out.


Readability + Kindle + Something Else

Posted July 21st, 2011

I like Readability, and I like my Kindle. I just wish I could use them together more often.


Security Club

Posted June 6th, 2011

Sony has been getting repeatedly hacked. We’ve seen it before with the TJX incident, and many others, most of which never get reported, much less disclosed, or even discovered. In some of these cases, only email addresses are taken, or maybe passwords. In others, names and addresses are exposed, as well as medical conditions, social […]

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