Wish List: Session Moratorium

DetourA feature that the major open-source/free servlet containers (Tomcat, Jetty, Resin) lack, AFAIK, is the ability to tell the container to stop issuing new sessions, and more importantly, make this flag known to the HTTP server connector. One or more of Websphere, Weblogic, and ATG Dynamo (I forget which) has this ability, and it’s extremely useful for higher-volume websites.

How it works: Server Bank A is running, Server Bank B is dormant. When you have a new release, you push it to B. Once B is up and running (this can take a while with some advanced applications), you tell A to stop issuing new sessions, and the load balancers send all new traffic to B. Once traffic has bled off of A entirely, A becomes dormant, and is ready for the next release.

Why it’s valuable: You can do a release without interrupting any sessions. This was particularly valuable on the project we used it on, because there was plenty of time to pre-compile pages, and the transactions were relatively high-value ones, so it was worth the price of the commercial license to ensure that none were lost or interrupted.

Considering all of the containers are relatively close performance-wise, and feature-wise, I think this would be a “killer feature” for any OSS container that had it.