Cy Young 2007

Being a sports fan doesn’t end when the season does, you need to analyze, reflect, and debate things like awards, so let’s get started:

National League Cy Young: Jake Peavy. No real debate here. Led the league in strikeouts, strikouts per inning, wins, WHIP, and ERA, and came just short of the playoffs. Runner Up: Brandon Webb.

American League Cy Young: C. C. Sabathia. On the surface, it looks like a real close race here with Beckett and maybe even Lackey, and the press seems to think Beckett is a lock because he got 20 wins. However, Sabathia beats Beckett in WHIP, IP, K, GS, CG, SHO, K/BB ratio, which are all key ace/stopper stats. Runner Up: Josh Beckett.

Note: Expect a surge in baseball-related posts over the next couple of weeks :)

Baseball Playoffs 2007, Part 1

Well, the Boston Red Sox are the American League Eastern Division champs for the first time since 1995. They’re tied with the Indians for top seed, and Boston holds the tie-breaker. As it stands now, the Red Sox will host the Angels and the Indians will host the Yankees. Unlike most years, all 4 of these teams could pull it off, so it should be exciting.

What’s interesting is that none of the National League teams have clinched, with only 2 or 3 games left. There are 7 teams in contention on the final weekend of the year. I don’t remember one league being clinched and almost done seeding while the other league has nothing.

Baseball Prospectus, one of the more popular sabermetric, websites, has a Red Sox/Cubs World Series in this prediction, based on power pitching, defense, and closer stature. This doesn’t have the apocalyptic feeling that such a series would have had before 2004, but I think that would be a fantastic series. Both teams have a huge national fanbase, and could drive the highest World Series ratings in recent memory.