MVP 2007

National League MVP: Matt Holliday. Led the league in BA, H, XBH, 2B, RBI, TB, and RC, and finished near the top in other categories. Carried his team to the post-season, not to mention scoring the winning run of the final game. Runner Up: Prince Fielder.

American League MVP: Alex Rodriguez. Led the league in R, SLG, OBP, TB, HR, RBI, and RC. Basically carried his team until their 50% payroll surplus was able to get them out of a long funk. Runner Up: David Ortiz

TBS seems to have gone to the FOX school of baseball broadcasting. Missing the beginning of innings so they can squeeze a promo in is unacceptable. Not only that, but it’s a promo for a damned re-run, and the same one they show every half-inning! Much like I was forced to boycott House because of FOX’s incessant promotion of it during the 2004 playoffs, I’m not watching The Office on TBS. Luckily since it’s on NBC first, I won’t be missing anything.