Musical Addiction

Every once in a while, I (and probably most of you) get addicted to a song or album. The day just isn’t complete without hearing it a few times. I’m currently addicted to a possibly-record 4. It’s also very interesting that all 4 songs are available for free, legitimately!

“Truth Is” and “Uncle Sam Goddamn”, both by Brother Ali, who seems to be the second best artist on the Rhymesayers label, behind Atmosphere. Nice beats, plus Ali’s a very talented rapper, and an interesting fellow, a mixed-race albino who’s found himself in an extremely race-conscious industry/genre. You can hear both songs at

The other two are remixes by Ratatat (apparently unsigned), who I came across a while back when someone used them for a World of Warcraft video. “Party and Bullshit” by Notorious B.I.G, and “The Mule” by Z-re, Devin the Dude & Juvenile. Both are available on

So this made me think of the albums (not songs, there’s been too many) that I’ve been addicted to over the years. I’m going to set a threshold here of at least 3 months of compulsive daily listening. Albums I just happened to have left in my CD player for too long don’t count either. This means that there aren’t many, because it’s rare to be hooked for a week, never mind 12. I’m actually surprised there’re even this many, but then again, I am getting old. Note: I’m not making any claims to the objective Greatness of the albums on this list, though some are (OK Computer, Odelay), and some are clearly not (Fine Malt Lyrics). It’s just that these are the ones that stuck the longest, for me, when thrown against the wall.

Check your Head by the Beastie Boys
Black Sunday by Cypress Hill
Fine Malt Lyrics by House of Pain
Dirt by Alice in Chains
Murder Ballads by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Odelay by Beck
Dig Your Own Hole by The Chemical Brothers
OK Computer by Radiohead
Amnesiac by Radiohead
Reanimation by Linkin Park
Seven’s Travels by Atmosphere

Current: None.

What are yours?